3D Printing and Fashion

The fashion world is one of the most inspiring and fast-changing industries in the world. Innovation and new trends are vital to keep a brand alive and popular.  Over the years, there have been many technological innovations that were incorporated in the fashion industry in order to make it trendier and more inspiring. From aluminum threads to GoreTex, the fashion world has seen everything. These innovations are not only for the beauty purposes, they are also helping the development of this industry financially and efficiency wise. The latest trend that has shocked the whole world is the 3D printing.

The Start of 3D Printing

3D printing started as an idea in an innovation lab. At first, as any new and revolutionary idea, it seemed impossible to make but thanks to the latest technology, a few years ago the first 3D printed objects appeared. The price of such a printer was astronomical and many companies couldn’t buy afford. Lately, a 3D printer reached a price comparable to a normal one and this is how this new technology became more tempting for the fashion world. The idea was first used to design prototypes for garments or ornaments, but the fashion companies soon realized that it is also affordable for production.

Used in Fashion

The main purposes of 3D printing in the fashion world are the haute couture brands that wanted garments and meshes that looked out of this world. The first fashion shows that displayed this new technology were a major success and all the fashion critics said that this is the evolution of fashion and the art. The alien-like garments and intricate ornaments caught the eye of many people that decided that this way of making clothes is revolutionary and that they like it.

The main advantage of the 3D printing is that very intricate patterns that were very expensive to produce are now just one button away. This is one of the main reasons why the fashion world embraced this new technology. Also, there are many materials that were almost impossible to make the classic way and the indie companies that had very creative designs couldn’t afford to pay for them. The development of 3D printing in fashion is amazing. There are some manufacturing companies that stated that in the following years they want to produce materials using only this technology because it is much cheaper and more ECO friendly.

Another advantage is that small parts can be made very easily. There are many accessory brands that now use only this technology. Many watch designers said that 3D printing is in the advantage of everyone because the production is much cheaper and the risk of making faulty products is diminished. But the true beauty of this technology in the fashion world consists in the amazing designs and alien-like dresses that 10 years ago were just a distant dream. Fashion is not only about the creativity of the designer, it is also about the technology used to make it and this is where 3D printing brought a major break-through.