90’s Fashion Back For 2019

The 90’s were a time of madness for many, from the rise of drug fuelled neon raves to the vibrant sugar laden selection of treats at every store. Fashion it seems was no different, people look back and shake their heads at TV shows that leaned into the 90’s trends hard and feel ashamed of photos where they did the same.

However not everything was regretful as several elements of 90’s style are flooding the high streets and of course social media posts as 90’s throwback comes full circle. If you want to relive (or simply live for the younger generation) the fashionable existence of a 90’s teen then make sure to take advantage of these items and wear them with pride.

Crop Tops

Whether you were just a regular girl in your cul-de-sac or you were a multi million dollar MTV star, you no doubt had a bunch of crop tops in the 90s. These lightweight and versatile shirts seem to come in all manner of colours and styles and allow for that classic 90’s midriff display. These pieces of 90’s staple fashion are unavoidable once again as summer draws near, get ready to see more stomachs, whether you want to or not.

High Waisted Jeans

Constantly coupled with the crop top, this particular style of jeans have made an impressive comeback, sparking high waited versions of other garments too. The natural enemy of the low rise jeans that sit low enough to reveal the hip bones of the wearer, high-waisited jeans intend to showcase the shape of the hips instead. Though with the wrong tops high-waisted jeans can make your proportions look out of whack, it hasn’t stopped them being the most popular style in the last 12 months.

High Waisted Jeans


Not just reserved for hillbillies, these denim wonders are now back in full force. Whether you want to go full length or rock the shorts you can get that 90’s summer feel in this timeless garment. Slap a stripy top with them and some ellesse trainers and you will have the complete look, got double straps or solo to achieve that casual vibe the 90’s were all about.

Round Glasses

Not sure if that famous wizard was responsible for bringing these back in some capacity or whether it is simply the ‘hot geek’ trend that is keeping it alive, either way these are back. Whether you want to rock the hippie look of the late John Lennon or you want to go full nutcase with the Woody Harrelson Natural Born Killers vibe, there is a pair for everyone online. Obviously if you don’t need glasses get regular lenses but if you do, why not switch up your normal specs for some grandma reading glasses?

Flannel Shirts

You can’t get to a gathering of any type without seeing a bunch of these nowadays. Obviously back in the 90’s flannel was tied to the grunge music movement, with pioneers of steady rock and original flannel vibes being Kurt Cobain and Eddie Vedder. Now it is a very standard casual look and flannels can be grabbed from almost every high street store in both male and female fits.