Best Fashion Shows of 2017

This year the fashion industry took clothing to a whole new level, fashion week was on fire as they say! Designers brought out their very best and showed off their years of talent and hard work and it truly paid off, it was one of the best fashion weeks the industry has seen in a while. Fashion shows give us the opportunity to view and admire the new works of these incredible designers. To be inspired as to what we will wear this year and what trends we will take on and which ones we ones we will leave to the bolder fashion enthusiasts. Each new show is a chance to see what’s in store for next year’s trends and exciting new looks. Here are a few of the greatest fashions shows from this year!

Victoria Beckham – Pre-Fall 2018

Victoria Beckham blew everyone away this year with her show, if you ever had a set idea on her this year it most likely changed completely. She took this to a new level and threw us a huge curve ball. Combining here love for the classic tailored fit with the ever so popular minimal luxurious vibe. She without a doubt effortlessly pulled it off. You will see her looks gracing the storefronts of your favourite shops soon we are sure of it.

Givenchy – Pre-Fall 2018

This year Givenchy brought clothing to life, mixing textures and colour creating the most beautiful collection. If you’ve ever been scared to rock a pattern Givenchy will change your mind. Givenchy had the ability to find the perfect middle ground of feminine and masculine. Bringing together so many carious styles yet making it work as a whole look and as a collection.

Zac Posen – Pre-Fall 2018

Known mainly for his evening wear looks Zac Posen took the chance this season to change things up a bit. He took this time to experiment and build and rebuild. All these pieces spoke very true to his style and classic design. He mixed in a number of floral like patters as well as his traditional corset details.

Chanel – Pre-Fall 2018

For Karl Lagerfeld this season had a sentimental background, he took things back to his roots. He was born in Hamburg, Germany. This collection had all the seaside vibes, captain’s hats and navy blue knitted sweaters.

What more could you ask for?

Nothing more than that, taking it back to the more classic styles and easy to wear looks. Chanel is always classic but this year they are even more so, a style you will soon see on the streets of all major cities.

Whatever your personal tastes are you simple cannot deny that this year’s fashion week saw some of the greatest looks that we’ve seen in a while, each designer really brought their all this year and stunned us all. You may not see yourself wearing one of the exact looks any time soon, but you will no doubt see inspiration from these looks in the styles and shops for the next few months to come.