Fashion Trends of 2017

Fashion is always changing and evolving, trends come and go. It is an ever-changing industry and one that you must try to keep up with. 2017 was filled with tons of new and old exciting trends, what’s going to be trending next year? There were a lot of new styles introduced in 2017 that quickly took off and became popular. Let’s take a look at what the biggest trends of the year were and perhaps you saw yourself wearing a few of them as well. Trends can be so diverse and also so fleeting one day they’re in and the next they are out.

Art Inspired

Fashion has become more diverse and creative overtime, designers incorporating artistic materials and details reassembling paintings etc. Brands like Calvin Klein, Prada, Versace, Dior, Celine, have all designed and released pieces that have visible art influences. You will see more and more of this trend in the years to come as it has proved to be very popular among the younger generations, they love the idea of truly adding art to fashion and expressing themselves through their clothes.

Long Blazers

A little flare and reinvention on the classic business woman attire. Taking an old classic and re vamping it into an edgy, youthful look. Any color, any patter looks divine. Vogue UK talked about blazers in their spring 2018 trends article. While this trend is not necessarily new and exciting it is seeing a huge rise in popularity among the fashion world and you will see these long-styled blazers in stores all over the place.

Dark Denim

This past year we saw light washed denim everyone, from the Kardashians to Gucci. It was the end all and be all of fashion looks. This upcoming year were taking things to the dark side. Darker denim! At fashion week dark denim was featured in a multitude of spring shows.


Pastels are going to be big, Chanel, Victoria Beckham, Michael Kors, etc. Not only are we going to be wearing pink on Wednesdays but everyday! The styles of the clothes are not necessarily important, but the colors are what are the true important part. Pastels are the new rage and almost anyone can pull them off, look at adding a few key pastel pieces to your collections to change things up a little.


We’ve had plaid flannels come in and out of fashion every year it feels like, this upcoming year we’re doing plaid differently. Bringing back classic trench coats and tailored trousers. Mix the loved vintage look with a modern edge. Plaid is the new stripes, and is going to be a huge staple for 2018 fashion. Every designer has hoped on this bandwagon you should too!

The trends always come and go, the fashion industry is ever changing and can be hard to keep up with at times. If you are able to buy a few of these keys pieces to add to your wardrobe, you will be able to keep up with the trends