Future Fashion Technology

In case you haven’t realised, fashion works in a kind of loop, as older styles fade out and new ones enter, its not long before the old styles re-emerge just as cool and respected as they were in their prime. This system is something that many onlookers don’t understand and also find to be somewhat problematic with the industry. Why get rid of anything if its all just going to be back in the spotlight 18 months from now right? Yet although this is primarily the system that works for older styles and looks, what does the future hold for fashion?

Several people have made careers out of predicting what will be fashionable next, many simply using the cyclical nature of nostalgia to pre-empt the next return. However, designers aren’t always looking back, those who intend to be progressive want their looks to be futuristic and ground breaking and in order to do that they have to be different. Some ideas are so radical that we don’t even have the technology for them available yet, but as soon as we do get ready for a new future boom of high tech design. Here are some of the things we are likely to see more of on the catwalk and then on store shelves in the coming years.

Everything Custom Fit

Thanks to 3D printing, wearables already have a new breath of life. As this technology becomes more affordable, they could become as common as a TV. Soon you may be buying all your clothes online, downloading a code and printing out your own t-shirt or dress in minutes that fits your perfectly. Tailors probably won’t be too happy but consumers and designers will be delighted as sizing will become a thing of the past.

All Weather Clothes

If you live somewhere with an unpredictable climate, you’ll love this idea. Imagine not having to pack for rain or shine at all, what if your clothes were everything all at once. Breathable and lightweight but windproof and self heated or cooled. All of this could be possible as we craft and combine new materials. Imagine, the all purpose hoodie may well the raincoat of the future.

Sustainable Materials

The whole world is becoming eco conscious and for good reason, after all there won’t be catwalks or malls after the apocalypse. So, to keep us on the smarter side of things, the materials used to make the clothes of the future need to be sourced correctly. Get ready to see plenty more big labels using sustainable products and telling you about it. A logo not unlike that of Veganism is probably not too far from making its way to the tag on your new dress or shoes.

Wearable Screens

You might think that smart phones have already got as revolutionary as they can get, shrinking their size and using better quality screens every six months, but screens still have a long way to go to reach the imaginations of designers. Imagine a dress where you can change its colour and pattern on the fly? Using tiny fiber optic cables to make clothes instead of cotton thread, clothes can become tech devices that you could even display videos on.