Is Leather Still Fashionable?

The fashion world has seen many fabrics and patterns going in and out of style. This industry is one of the most dynamic and versatile in the whole world. There are many great designers that definitely knew how to make a name for themselves and managed to enter the fashion scene. There are some clothing pieces that made history and are now considered to be a must-have. Leather is definitely one of the most popular and edgy materials in this field. But lately, given the fast changes in trends, many people argue whether or not this classic material is still fashionable. We have listed some of the arguments of this debate in order to better understand the trends nowadays.

At Its Height

The biggest time for the leather was definitely during the 90’s. This is the time when the big names like Jean Paul Gaultier managed to think some amazing designs that reached the hearts of all the fashion lovers. After that, leather has seen many transformations in collections. We can easily conclude that leather managed to pass the “bike jacket” usage a very long time ago. There are many designers that incorporated leather in their latest collection, whether we are talking about clothing or accessories.


Leather is one of the most versatile and acknowledged materials. We can see it in the edgy leather jackets or some simple black leather leggings that go with basically everything. This is one of the main reasons why leather is still extremely fashionable and suitable for every style. In the latest collections this year we see many leather insertions and whole leather dresses that manage to break all the fashion barriers that existed for this material before. Big names like Moschino and Versace are old fans of this material and decided to keep it for every collection.

The main advantage of the leather is the versatility. You can go full rock&roll with an edgy leather jacket with metal insertions or you can keep the feminine side with a peach colored leather dress or skirt. It is also a very well-structured material that is also good for a long-term use. This is why the leather products sometimes tend to be a bit more expensive, but they are definitely worth buying. When it comes to shoes and bags, leather will always be there. It is very dense but yet flexible, making it one of the best materials for accessories.

The people that argue that it is not fashionable anymore refer to the feminine side the fashion has taken lately but they are definitely wrong. There are many designers and stylists that proved that leather pants can be just as feminine and sexy as a mini skirt. Sexiness without being vulgar is another bonus trait of this material. You can work a leather piece in basically any outfit, no matter the occasion or the dress code. The versatility and hidden sexiness of his material will always keep it in the top choices of both designers and fashion lovers.