The History of Yves Saint Laurent

Yves Saint Laurent is one of the best known fashion and luxury brands in the worlds. The brand logo can be recognized by many people and the quality of the products is notorious. It has evolved in one of the household names in every Fashion Week and many young designers look up to the creations of this brand. The creator, Yves Saint Laurent, was a designer with a passion for quality and luxury products. While many know how to recognize the brand or even wear products from it, not many know the story behind this trend-setter.

Yves Saint Laurent was born in 1937. His origins are in Algeria. He left his home land at the age of 17 to start his career in Paris. He sent some of his drawing to Vogue magazine and they were soon published. He soon started a fashion school in order to pursue his dreams. Here he met Cristian Dior. They soon became good friends and collaborated until the death of Dior. After the university, Laurent joined Christian Dior as a fashion designer. They launched many extremely successful collections together.

In 1962 he decided to open his own fashion house that soon became very popular. In 1966 he launched one of his legendary creation, the smoking suit. His classic collection is still remembered as innovative and brave. The suit for women came to complete the Chanel concept of freeing the women and allowing them to wear what makes them comfortable and strong. The couture house of YSL started to design ready-to-wear collections in order to allow more and more women to wear quality clothing.

The life of the designer and the brand was scarred by many comings and goings of designers, change in owners and many lawsuits. But this never stopped the designer from creating the wardrobe of the modern woman. In 1998 Yves Saint Laurent presented his last ready-to-wear line but he kept the designer role for the couture line until 2002. After a short period of changing designer, Tom Ford came at the fashion house. He introduced new aesthetic elements in the fashion lines, but his career here won’t be very long. Stefano Pilati replaced Tom Ford in 2005 as the main designer of the brand.

Yves Saint Laurent struggled with illness and depression to the end of his life. All the accusations and criticism regarding his brand affected him deeply. He once stated that “Chanel freed the women, I gave them power.” This refers to his lifetime struggle to empower women to wear androgynous and feminine clothing in the same time. He felt very attacked by every critic even if he didn’t show it. He stated to the end of his career that he is very proud of his work because he feels he created the fashion for the strong and modern women.

The genius designer died in 2008 at the age of 71 in his house in Paris. He was one of the innovators in women’s fashion.