The Rise of the Internet Fashion Designer

The fashion world has seen many changes in the latest years, from the production methods to the marketing. Thanks to the technological advancement and the freedom that internet gave us, becoming a fashion designer has never been easier before. The former belief that a fashion designer has to go through years and years of studying and practice with another great designer is long obsolete. The freedom of the internet allowed many people to teach themselves things that seemed impossible before and this is why now we see this rising trend of the internet fashion designer.

What Is an Internet Designer?

An internet fashion designer is a person that has unique collections that most of the times don’t get to be in the international fashion weeks simply because the designer chose not to promote the line this way. These designers prefer to spend money on the manufacturing process instead of opening cool show rooms during the fashion weeks. The designer promotes the collections and the products only on the internet and the main advantage is that it is much cheaper.

Many of the internet fashion designers are also people that are usually self-taught. This is simply because there are so many options for a person that want to learn about fashion design without having to go to a special school for that. There are many popular fashion designers that sell on the internet and they are self-taught and managed to start their business only with the things they learned in tutorials. This is a very good trend because people may have amazing creativity but maybe they don’t have the means to access higher education, and yet they still get the chance to show the world their skills.

The Advantages

This trend has another amazing side to it. There are countless people that are unhappy with the products they find online or in stores simply because they don’t fit. Many fashion companies have very specific measurements and they use the same models over and over again for their garments. This leads to many people being left aside by the fashion industry because the clothes they can find in stores don’t fit and they look ugly. Or it can also happen that people just don’t like the garments they find. There are countless people that have an amazing inner creativity, but simply don’t want to pursue a career in fashion.

For this category of people comes this amazing trend. There are many fashion websites that give you the option to design your own garment from the material you want to use, color, sewing and so on. This freedom of creativity is helping exactly that category of people that can’t find something suitable online and managed to become very popular to the large category of consumers because you can have the garments of your dreams just one click away. This new trend is becoming very popular because many people want to have custom-made clothing that looks just like the very expensive ones without spending a fortune for it.