The Top Seven Fashion Designers of Today

Fashion designers do not only design clothing, they make your dream come true. In our world today, there are so many successful fashion designers that have sated our needs for clothing in the best possible way, so coming up with a list for the best fashion designers is pretty difficult. Hence, we collected the best fashion designers based on their fame, achievements and overall success. Here is the list of seven most successful fashion designers of today.

Calvin Klein

Calvin Klein or CK is a famous brand known all over the world Founded by Calvin Klein in 1968. Calvin is a famous American fashion designer that has grown his business from just a coat store for male and female coat in New York to a worldwide fashion brand. His fashion business expanded exponentially, and he has gripped the fashion industry strongly, dominating both the male and female market. He is truly great.

Donatella Versace

Donatella Versace is the vice president and chief designer of the Versace group. She became the first fashion designer to use A-list celebrities to sell her designs on the runway instead of using less popular models. She promoted her brand in Hollywood using celebrities like Madonna, Jenifer Lopez, Demi Moore and other top actresses and actors to sell her line. She redefined fashion business and earned herself the top spot.

Valentino Garavani

Valentino founded the “Valentino Spa” and went on to become a living legend in the fashion industry today. He has designed for famous celebrities and royalties from across the globe. A successful Italian fashion designer and businessman, Valentino is the favourite designer for Elizabeth Taylor, Jacqueline Kennedy, Princess Margaret and Queen Paola of Belgium.

Giorgio Armani

After he created the famous brand “Armani” back in 1975. Giorgio changed the face of the fashion designers and brought in a different style that raised him to the ranks of legends. A great fashion designer, Armani was the first to use models with a Body Mass Index of less than 18 for his fashion shows.

Coco Chanel

Another female fashion designer that is a leading figure in the fashion industry today. Coco is a French designer and owns the fashion label “Chanel”. Having dominated the fashion world with has classical products, she was the only single fashion designer to be named on the most important people of the century by Time Magazine.

Ralph Lauren

Another incredible designer to have graced the fashion world today is Ralph. He is famous for his brand “Polo Ralph Lauren” which he introduced in 1972. His sleek short sleeve shirts with the polo logo have earned him fame and fortune. You cannot list the best designers of today without mentioning polo.

Tom Ford

Gucci was overhauled and brought back into the limelight with the creativity of this fashion master. His brand “Tom Ford’ dominates the accessory and menswear market today and he is widely known for his excellent designs and classic accessories. He became popular after revitalizing Gucci and since then has not slowed down.