Today’s Most Fashionable Trainers

Trainers may not be the most fashionable of footwear, yet time and time again these pieces of fabric and foam make the headlines. With limited editions that create incredible demand and brands that invite artists to come and do their best work with a shoe as their canvas, the broad appeal is even further reaching. Though most of these shoes wee originally meant for use in particular activities such as skating, basketball or running, the price and street-cred that comes with a designer pair is now amplified more than ever. Here are the designs you want to look out for if you intend to make a purchase that will have everyone talking about your new kicks.

Air Jordan’s

These unmissable trainers have been recreated over and over again by Nike designer Tinker Hatfield. Originally made as a basketball shoe for superstar Michael Jordan of the Chicago Bulls back in 1984, the logo and the ever changing style have since become paramount to the evolution of trainer fashion. The designs are so well known that previous styles are re-released often as ‘retro’ and thus urging fans of footwear to relive the old school style once again. The newer breeds however are constantly pushing the boundaries of what can be done with a sports shoe, the latest edition, Air Jordan XXXIII is the first in its range to be completely laceless.

Converse All Stars

Known as ‘Chucks’ after Chuck Taylor the man who urged the company to redesign the shoes to better assist with his basketball skills. Today converse are everywhere and its early black and white design has gone largely unchanged for may years. Though these aren’t the most progressive items of footwear the simplicity has allowed it to retain popularity as has its ability to be transformed by printing. The shoe is mainly made of canvas, which alone should beckon an artist to want to bring a paintbrush to it, and many have. Today all manner of styles and brands can be seen atop a converse trainer including Disney, Hello Kitty, DC Comics and many more.

Calvin Klein Carla’s

Yes, the fashion brands really want in on the show game too. Calvin Klein has some very interesting shoe designs as well as some more reserved classic looks. If you are willing to spend a bit more on your shoes you may want to look here. Their Carla Mesh trainers mix materials, angles and a host of striking colours for a pair that you can’t look away from.

Adidas Yeezy

In more recent years a new trainer has taken over the scene thanks to collaboration with sports brand Adidas and Musician turned pop culture figure Kanye West. The Yeezy first arrived in 2015 and instantly became popular and difficult to get. The demand for these low top fabric based shoes is incredible as is the feat a customer will have to undergo to snag a pair. With an online lottery mixed with a random location and ticketed limited amounts, the rare and laborious acquisition of a pair of Yeezy’s has many consumers captivated. Though other brands are quickly simulating the style and several fakes are of course in circulation this remains the leader in sought after shoes that fashionista’s cant deny.