Today’s Popular Styles of Glasses

The fashion world is a strange one a lot of the time, case and point glasses. Of course glasses come in many different styles and some will be more fashionable than others but today many people wear frames when they don’t need assistance to see, this is the equivalent of crutches being a fashion trend, surely if you don’t need them its not cool to have them right?

Wrong is actually the answer in todays world where aesthetics mean so much and particular looks are fine tuned right down to every last accessory, glasses now aren’t simply visual aids, but accessories. So if you don’t want to get left behind in the information age where it’s cool to look smart you should probably take a look at today’s most popular styles.


Back in the 60’s you could probably say that John Lennon popularised these thin framed metal lenses that still come with a hippie vibe, however today the only people likely responsible are Harry Potter or Saltbae. Though they were once seen as the frames of an ultimate nerd, now they can be worn ironically, post ironically or as part of a steampunk getup you might be rocking day to day. Whatever your motivation is, if they suit your face type you can once again get away with the circle look, just expect a few peace signs heading your way.

Big Frames

In the 90’s the go to glasses style was narrow lenses that made everyone look like the smart and sarcastic best friend, however these rectangular wonders have all but left the building. Thanks to ‘geek’ culture being so predominant today, the big glasses that would have been laughed at only a few years ago are now one of the most popular lens looks around. From models trying to tone down their looks to seem ‘homely’ or prissy girls looking to disguise themselves as bookworms, this trend has skyrocketed making it one that is safe to jump aboard without any blowback. Just beware that if you already give of a basement dweller, board game enthusiast vibe, this will not assist you.


Unlike the circular style, square refers to the frame shape here. With the biggest brand in this style being Ray Ban, this timely yet smooth style compliments the roundness of the human face and gives many people a look that somehow seems very modern. Although this style has been popular since the 80’s the classic sunglass shape of square fitting, flush sides and rounded lower lenses makes these a timeless classic that aren’t going anywhere fast.


Yes, these are commonly sunglasses, but it doesn’t stop them being used constantly or being fashionable. Often seen worn by uniformed police aviators do carry a little authority somehow. Thanks to the very large almost triangular ellipses that make up the lens shape here, aviators do one thing great which is to cover up your face. This may sound harsh, but it makes these glasses perfect for self-conscious folk, anyone with scars or unsightly imperfections, or even just small eyes.