Top Accessory designers

The fashion world is one of the most dynamic industries in history. Every day there are new designers making their mark on the fashion world with innovative ideas and clothing. Many people believe that the greatest part of this industry is the clothing, but every fashion critic knows that a good outfit is not complete without the perfect accessory. This branch has been growing at the same pace as the clothing industry and there are many big names that managed to change the trends and the way we perceive fashion. We have listed some of the best accessory designers in order to help you get inspiration and to decide how to make your next outfit.

Chloe Gosselin

Chloe is one of the most respected shoe designers currently on the market. She had her major debut in 2014 with a collection that managed to embrace both the 50’s classic design with modern necessities. The style of her shoes is very versatile, while still maintaining a simplicity and elegance. Whether we are talking about the Oxford shoe or a sky-high sandal, Chloe manages to put style and elegance into every piece. Her popularity grew even more when celebrities such as Taylor Swift wore her designs on the red carpet.


Easily known as one of the best duos in the handbag industry, these Colombian designers met during university and shared a common style and love of design. This led to their luxury handbag brand that is now one of the trendiest around. They manage to combine modern cuts with the old-world vibe. By using leather combined with metal and wood insertions they create a unique and amazing handbag. They are a staple name at every accessory presentation and we will definitely hear more from this dynamic duo in the future.

Eugenie Niarchos

Currently one of the most interesting jewelry designers in the industry, Eugene has a very unique style and she likes using reptile-inspired shapes for her collections. She managed to impress the whole fashion world with her amazing rings and her latest collection featured pieces with Greek inspiration. The collection is easy to wear and combine with almost any outfit.

Bliss Lau

A unique visionary Bliss is perhaps the greatest body jewelry designer there is. She likes to combine her family heritage style in every piece she makes. Being half-Chinese half-American, you can sense the imperial touch and majestic shapes in every piece she makes. Her creations are definitely a staple piece that can make even the simplest outfit pop.

Marina Gallo

Marina is a fashion editor that definitely knows what makes an outfit amazing. She is located in Buenos Aires and all her pieces are truly unique and a must for your wardrobe. Recently she embraced the serpentine shape for her collection and this has been a huge success for her. She has a vast experience in everything fashion and this is one of the reasons why all her creations are very versatile. Each piece she makes is a pure work of art.