TV Shows About Fashion You Must See

Fashion is a form of art that has captivated our minds and hearts for a very long time. Learning about the latest trends is very easy thanks to the access to social media and blogs. But learning how to combine the right outfit is best acquired from the professionals. This is the main reason why fashion shows gained so much popularity in the last years. Besides the fashion knowledge you also get the chance to follow the contestants in their journey for perfect fashion and even learn advanced aesthetic skills. We have listed some of the best fashion TV shows in order to help you on your fashion journey.

What Not to Wear is probably one of the most popular fashion shows in history. The whole purpose of it was to teach every day women how to change their style. The whole transformation involved fashion and clothing education and a full make-over. The two hosts are known for their fashion sense and the popularity of this show is partly due to their humor and creativity. The before&after part shows that every person can have a very fashionable wardrobe with a bit of help.

Love, Lust or Run has Stacy London as host. She is a very good stylist that knows how to help normal women develop a good sense of fashion. She used to co-host What Not to Wear for many years and recently she has her own show. What makes this concept very interesting is that she asks random people on the street to give feedback on the outfits before and after the transformation. The overall popularity of this show is growing thanks to the innovative concept.

Fashion Police is probably the most renowned fashion show. The main purpose is to show celebrity outfits from different events or every-day styles. The judges are fashion experts and what makes this show truly unique is the humor. They are not afraid to judge the outfit of a great celebrity if there is the case. They also have many voting contests that put side by side two identical outfits worn by different celebrities. The show is very fun, and a fashion lover can really learn a lot from these fashion gurus.

America’s Next Top Model is one of the oldest fashion shows. What makes this show really special is the diversity presented in every season. The main host, Tyra Banks, knows how to attract the audience thanks to her humor and charm. The show presents the journey of normal women on their road to becoming a supermodel. They get complete make-overs and are taught how to pose and walk the runway. A true fashion enthusiast has a lot to learn from this show.

Project Runway is another very famous TV show hosted by Heidi Klum. She has a very long career as a supermodel and she decided to start her own fashion and design show. The whole concept is about new, fresh clothing designs and interesting outfits.